Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Puzzler Meme

Stolen from: Love me some surveys

1.What time is it?

~ It's Howdy Doody Time!

2. Quick. What’s the first green thing you see?

~ Grass! The snow's melted off of it!

3. Do you like those Sudoku puzzles?

~ Love them! I even have a Sudoku app on my phone, and it has several variations! Sudoku is a fun puzzle, and can be played with letters, shapes, pictures, as well as numbers! Fun!

4. Do you own a plaid shirt?

~ Of course! I still love plaid flannel shirts!

5. What’s your favorite kind of pie?

~ Many! Especially lemon meringue, French Silk, Dutch Apple, ...soooo yum! My Absolute favorite was a pie I saw (and made!) on,  Oats And Honey Granola Pie. Loved it!

6. Have you read a book today?

~ Nope

7. Do you like going to museums?

~ Yes! I was even a presenter at one from '95-'99, Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn, Michigan. Great place, great job!

8. Have you ever been to Washington D.C.? Or your nation's capital?

~ Washington DC -no. Lansing, Michigan- yes! Way back in 8th grade, winter of '77

9. Have you ever been to the state of Washington?

~ Nope

10. Do you like apple juice?

~ Yes, if it's really, Really, REALLY cold juice

11. How cold is it outside?

~ Right now it is 57° outside, not too bad, a wee nip of a chill

12. Have you ever taken a course in Chemistry?

~ Nope, I think it would be fun though!

13. Do you like to draw?

~ Not really, I still love to color though!

14. What do you put on your french fries?

~ Ketchup, chili, cheddar cheese

15. Do you like everything to match?

~ I don't need it, but it's OK

16. Do you like mustard?

~ Yes, ...on my hot dogs I, more often than not, just have mustard on it

17. Would you ever work at a movie theater?

~ Sure!

18. Do you have a phone charger in your car?

~ Nope

19. Have you ever slept through an alarm?

~ Yes! I was very late for work that day!

20. Do you like pineapple on pizza?

~ Love it!  I often get a pineapple pizza delivered to me from Hungry Howies (on butter cheese crust! Yum!)

21. Do you like to hold hands?

~ I don't mind it

22. Do you want a tattoo?

~ I wouldn't mind that either, especially if it was a reeeeeally cool work of art!

23. When is the last time you ordered from a catalog?

~ A paper catalogue? Can't remember! I order things from Amazon though

24. Do you know anyone who has a collection of old records?

~ Pretty sure my brother does, I think he has many of my mom's old albums. I miss hearing old records! I adored Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Frank Sinatra

25. What’s the name of the gas station you last stopped at?

~ My corner BP, to cash a $4 Power Ball ticket in

26. What was the first song you heard today?

~ I believe it was Triumph's Magic Power that was the first to play on my Spotify play list this morning

27. Have you ever gotten a magazine subscription as a gift?

~ Yes, many throughout my years! Spirituality & Practice, Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Glamour

28. What was the last video you watched on YouTube?

~ A video on how male Peacocks like to impress the ladies by shimmying and shaking their peacock feathers

29. Have you ever sacrificed something for someone you love?

~ To be honest, I really can't remember doing that!

30. Have you ever had your picture in the newspaper?

~ Nope

~ Sunday Stealing

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sunday Stealing: OLOGY Meme

from The Archives

What is your least favorite salad dressing?

~ Probably Catalina

What is your least favorite fast food restaurant?

~ Wendy's

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?

~ Mexican Fiesta

On average, what would cause you to flirt with the server?

~ If he's sweet enough to do so

What food could you eat every day just to "get along"?

~ Pizza

What pizza toppings would make you hurl?

~ Anchovies (rubber salt!), green peppers, onion

What food is likely to get you "in the mood..."?

~ Chocolate lava cake (well, chocolate anything!), Rare beef wellington, Double cheese double mushroom pizza

What is your favorite type of gum to get off your shoe?

~ I don't like scraping ANY gum off my shoes!!

Number of contacts you'd never let your significant other see on your cell phone?

~ 0

Number of contacts in your email address book that are exes?

~ 1

Do you judge others about the wallpaper on their computer?

~ I don't judge them, but I certainly learn more about them!

What is your favorite technology from the past that is now obsolete?

~ I miss the sound of typewriters!

Do you have stuff on your computer that you'd never want someone to see?

~ Yes

Are you right-handed or left-handed?

~ Right

Do you like your smile?

~ Yes :)

What's your best feature?

~ My laugh

Have you ever had anything removed from your body?

~ Yes, when I broke my hip and had a surgery I lost an inch of height from my right leg

Which of your five senses do you think is keenest?

~ Sight

When was the last time you had a cavity?

~ Grade school

What is the heaviest item you lifted last?

~ My TV

Have you ever been knocked unconscious?

~ Nope

If you could, would you wanna know the day you were going to die?

~ Yes

Is love for real?

~ Yes, in many different versions

If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?

~ I'd take my middle name, Margaret

What color do you think looks best on you?

~ Green

Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?

~ Yes, when I was working as a presenter at Henry Ford Museum. A bug flew into my mouth as I was giving my spiel and rather than going nuts I calmly continued with the presentation! It was a tiny little thing, I don't think anyone noticed!

Have you ever saved someone's life?

~ Not that I know of

Has someone ever saved yours?

~ With as many times as I've been in the hospital throughout the past four years for various reasons, I'd have to say yes

Would you walk naked down a public street for $100,000?

~ Sure, if I got to choose the time and did it at 3:00 AM

Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?

~ Sure, if it was a quick smooch like kissing my mom or sister

Would you cut off one of your little fingers for $200,000?

~ Nope, too much pain

Would you never blog again for $50,000?

~ Yes, I'd turn more to my paper journals

Would you pose naked in a magazine for $250,000?

~ Nope, unless it was for a rare, uncommon medical journal

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000?

~ Sure!

Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000?

~ Absolutely!

What is in your left pocket?

~ Nothing

Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?

~ Mostly carpet, the bathroom is hard floor

Do you sit or stand in the shower?

~ Stand

Could you live with roommates?

~ I prefer my privacy, but I could if I had to

How many pairs of flip flops do you own?

~ 0, never liked flip flops!

Where were you born?

~ Detroit, Michigan

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?

~ Years

What do you want to be when you grow up?

~ Parapsychologist, Ghost Hunter

Friend you talked to?

~ My friend Kristy

Last person you called?

~ My sister

Person you hugged?

~ I really can't remember!


~ 239, I have no idea why, but it is!


~ I have soooo many! Soft baby blue, lavender, shades of green


~ Autumn

Missing someone?

~ Definitely


~ Bored

Listening to?

~ The TV


~ Ghost Adventures

Worrying about?

~ Finances

First place you went this morning?

~ To the bathroom!

What can you not wait to do?

~ Eat at my favorite restaurant again

What's the last movie you saw?

~ Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When was the last time you got caught cheating?

~ Can't remember ;)

Are you a sexy person?

~ At times!

Now that the survey's (or meme) done what are you going to do?

~ Watch more Ghost Adventures

~ Sunday Stealing