Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Stealing: Halloween Meme

1. What is the worst treat to get when trick-or-treating?

~ Political and religious information (Jehovah Witness Watchtowers), candy with their papers opened, bad fruit

2. What character from any horror film would you most like to play?

~ The bride of Frankenstein, she had a bit of finesse to her

3. Would you rather be a zombie, alien, or psycho? (why)

~ A psycho, absolute insane freedom to act crazy in a foolish way, I wear really really stupid clothes and not feel insecure about it

4. How many Halloween, Friday the 13th, or Nightmare on Elm Street movies combined do you have on dvd?

~ 0, I just watch them when they're on TV

5. What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

~ Alien, The Magdalene Sisters

6. Lamest costume you have worn on Halloween?

~ I once dressed up as a Bay City Roller. I thought it was beIing creative (I adored them!). One man didn't give me anything because he said I wasn't in a costume. (Technically that was true because I could have hone out wearing tartan any day of the week!)

7. Favorite Halloween treat?

~ Any mini chocolate candy bar

8. Friendly-faced jack o’lantern or scary one?

~ Both!

9. Have you ever had nightmares about a scary movie character chasing you?

~ Nope

10. Best thing about Halloween?

~ Everything! It's my favorite part of the year! Creative decor, haunted houses, scary movies, pumpkin patches, cider mills, I love it all!

11. Strangest Halloween custom you’ve heard of?

~ i haven't heard of any strange ones

12. Person in your family who most likes Halloween (not counting yourself)?

~ I really don't know. My brothers and sister have never shown a huge interest.

13. Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours.

~ Nope

14. What's your best Halloween memory?

~ Getting Halloween-decorated birthday cakes every year, my birthday is October 27.

15. At what age were you allowed to go trick-or-treating by yourself?

~ I always went with my sister after my mom stopped going with us, I think I was around 11 when she stopped.

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