Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday 13: St. Patrick's Day

13 St. Patrick's Day Memories
1. Watching the movie The Quiet Man on TV with mom every year
2. A 'Totally Chocolate' pot luck that was held at a job one year in which our whole department brought in something with chocolate in it, I felt so jittery that night!
3. Enjoying the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes mom bought every year
4. Sitting on the porch on a fair weather day as my brother and his friends played in the front yard back in the '70's
5. My mom making corned beef and cabbage for dinner on St. Patrick's Day (I never liked it myself! )
6. Always wearing something green on St. Patrick's Day
7. Making up a plate of sweets I collected at a church festival for St. Patrick's Day, and giving them to our priest on one of my mom's best dishes because I thought he may like it (had a strange crush on that man!)
8. Going to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Detroit with some church members
9. Listening to, and enjoying, The Irish Rovers album The Unicorn. My mom had their album, I liked this one!
10. Always wanting to go to a bar to enjoy green beer with friends, but never having the chance.
11. Learning that in Ireland they don't go wild and celebrate like they do in he U.S.
12. Going to a St. Patrick's Day dinner at my sister's house, who made corned beef and cabbage. One year while there I had a peanut butter sandwich, the next year she talked me into a corned beef sandwich on rye bread with Russian salad dressing on it. -It was actually So Yum!
13. Making shamrock origami for a friend of mine, and giving him a pretty stone that was clear and held a four-leaf clover in it, he said he was going to use it as his card holder when he played poker

~~ Thursday 13


  1. Mine are: doing a poetry reading on St. Patrick's day, wearing green and reading a poem about my grandmother's brogue and beng so confident in my Irish-ness that I wore purple.

  2. Us American Indian Irish people in Ky are a "special" lot. (lol)

  3. These are great memories (sorry so late in commenting, been out of the blog world a few weeks). :)