Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sunday Stealing: My Friends Call Me Tulip

Can you stay inside all day without getting bored?

~ That's my life 24/7, except for dialysis. I am also bored 25/8, which is probably why I'm starting to see a shrink

Tell us about a TV show that we should watch.

~ Big Bang Theory (to me It's hilarious), Ancient Aliens, Ghost Adventures. Chopped leaves me amazed at times too!

When was the last time you were at your home computer all day?

~ I don't use a bigger computer or laptop anymore, just my cellphone net. And I'm usually here for hours everyday

What websites other than your own do you visit daily?

~ Facebook, assorted games

Do you have a favorite day of the week? Why?

~ Yes, any day I don't go to dialysis! Next werk I'll be going Monday, Wednesday, Friday, picked up by transportation at 6:00 in the mornings!

Did you ever watch Saturday morning cartoons? What was your favorite?

~ I loved it when the Bay City Rollers had a Saturday morning show, they were my studs at the time! I also enjoyed Isis, and if course Bugs and his pals

Were you a comic book fan?

~ Not a big fan, where I had to buy them every week, i enjoyed them though. I do remember Jughead was the first guy I had a wee bit of a crush on, even before I noticed David Cassidy, Tony Orlando or Tony DeFranco

Did you earn an allowance when you were a kid? How much? Was it tied to chores?

~ I could choose $2 or a Mexican Fiesta taco when my parents went out for dinner on Saturday nights, I remember I often chose the taco, they were just that good! Still are!

What is the fanciest type of car you've ridden in? What occasion?

~ Limo, a couple weddings I stood up in

Whats your favorite sport to watch?

~ Figure skating

Ever tried surfing?

~ No, wish I could though!

Have you ever been to a live major team sporting game?

~ Physically, yes, a couple Tiger baseball games. Mentally? I didn't pay attention to any of it, so no.

From a scale of 1 to 5 how athletic are you (1=nerd, 5=very athletic)?

~ -2

What's your favorite horror movie?

~ Alien, the first one, great special effects (I love it when that alien rips out of her stomach and goes flying across the room!)

What is your favorite cult classic movie? 

~ Jacob's Ladder, Harold & Maude, The Umbrellas Of Chernourg

About how many times do you go to the movies a month?

~ I haven't been to the theater since Christmas Day (saw the new Star Wars movie).  I miss the times when I would go two or three times a week at my dollar theater back in the 80's and 90's

Favorite movie, which one came to your head first?

~ Usually it's Somewhere In Time, but What Dreams May Come popped into my mind first today.

What if your life was like a movie? What type of movie would it be?

~ A melancholy indie drama, I'd have it also be a musical

Do you like long series movies, like "Lord of the Rings"?

~ I tend to, loved Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings was OK. I've always thought about taking a full day to watch all The Matrix movies from beginning to end


  1. Big Bang Theory is one of my favorites! I also chose Harold and Maude as cult classic.

  2. I agree, The Big Bang Theory is the funniest show on television these days.

    Bargain theaters must have gone the way of the dinosaurs. We used to have one here, but it's been gone for quite a while. I miss those cheap seats.

  3. I've never seen the Lord of the Rings movies, but I was thinking of the Harry Potter movies when I answered that question.

  4. I like Big Bang, too, though I am rather tired of seeing it in reruns everywhere. There are other shows that one might rewatch instead of that one over and over and over.

  5. I love Big Bang Theory and Chopped. I also am addicted to Good Eats with Alton Brown..check it out if you like food shows.

  6. I can comply with the dialysis I take care of a lady that goes 3 days a week as well. She gets anxiety etc... on the days she goes other days she seems find
    come see us at

  7. I love Harry Potter too! Hogwarts is the school I still want to attend! :)

    Dialysis can be tough, my grandmother had a tough time with that! I wish you all the best for those days and sending prayers your way!