Tuesday, December 22, 2015

100 Words

Carole, Anne and Sara visited me in the hospital, bringing me toffee cappuccino and oatmeal raisin cookie (I texted Carole and asked for one!) Hopefully I'll be out before Christmas and go to Mexican Fiesta with them Sunday. I told Anne to bring her new boyfriend Chuckie so we can meet him!
Liz and Bob also visited me. Hopefully I'll be seeing them on Christmas, go see Star Wars, eat Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant.
Hopefully these painful blood clots in my calves will dissolve and I'll be out tomorrow.
I missed out on Davita patients Christma's lunch today.

I laid in my hospital bed playng Solitaire Uite and listening to Padora Christmas music. I itched my shoulder, felt something wet, looked at my bed and saw a pool of blood. I may have accidentally pulled the IV out! I got a nurse in, she cleaned everything p, but didn't make me get another in.
My legs are feeling better today, the hospital is giving me lenauxin shots to dissolve the blood clots. I was given a doppler test to look at the deep veins. My doc gave me the OK for discharge if I would like, before Christmas. But he also let me know we still have much work to do. I was well aware of this but wanted to get out to celebrate Christmas.
Carole and Sara visited, and while there my doc came into say I can be sined out. I ordered room service dinner, got some ice chips to chomp on.
Carole took Sara home, then came back forme an hour later ,
Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Back to the mess.

12.24.Th.Christmas Eve, Carole's Birthday:


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