Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Five Things

~ Blood circulation (calf)
~ Room 4433
~ Hospital overnight
~ Red splotches
~ Winter solstice (11:48 PM ET)

~ Hospital visitors (Carole, Anne, Sara, Bob, Liz)
~ Toffee cappuccino and oatmeal cookie
~ Davita patient Christmas lunch
~ Deep vein clots (calves)
~ Cath lab screaming Mimi

~ IV (shoulder) fell out overnight (woke in blood)
~ Crunching on ice chips
~ Discharged from hospital
~ Dopplar test
~ Returned to mess

12.24.Th.Christmas eve/Carole's 49th birthday
~ Bloody nose
~ Called off dialysis
~ Called Carole to wish her a happy birthday
~ Hungry Howies (Junior pizza, 1/2 cheese on spicy sesame crust, 1/2 cheese on poppy seed crust, Buffalo wing dings for Saturday)
~ Carole's phone dialed me twice while she was at work,

12.25.Fr. Christmas
~ Star Wars VII with Liz & Bob
~ Fortune Buffet with Liz & Bob
~ Bloody nose all day
~ Chuck voicemailed Merry Christmas
~ Texted Merry Christmas to family and friends

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