Saturday, December 19, 2015

Unconscious Mutterings

Upstairs ::  Was where my bedroom was growing up in Dearborn Heights

Blouse :: Haven't worn one for ages, I wear a lot of sweaters, I miss wearing a blouse

Curls ::  My hair was very naturally curly when I was young, a bit TOO curly! Where did that go?

Face ::  My face is breaking out lately

Ultimate :: Ultimate AWESOME dinner for me would start with potato soup or clam chowder in a bread bowl, the entree would be a Very Rare rib-eye steak with overstuffed potato on the side, a slice or two of Texas toast, oil & vinegar cole slaw, Charlotte Russe or chocolate lava cake for dessert, and to sip? Probably a flavored offee (hazelnut!) or toffee cappuccino

Hole ::  I love Donut Holes!!! Any kind!

Theater ::  Hopefully I'll be going to the theater on Christmas with my cousins on Christmas to see Star Wars

Polished ::  Polished silverware is pretty

Freak :: For reasons I'm not going into now, I would surely so call me one!

Griddle ::  I would love some pancakes staight off the griddle! Yum!

~~ Unconscious Mutterings

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