Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sunday Stealing: 212 Meme

Stolen from: i take surveys

Is your birth year an odd or even number?:

~ 1964, an even number

Which one of your friends is the most outgoing?:

~ That's hard to tell, many of them are

Have you eaten any of your favorite foods today?:

~ Nope, but then again, I haven't eaten anything today!

When did you last find yourself in an awkward situation?:

~ This morning a transportation van came to drive me to dialysis. Usually I have a thoughtful driver who will fold my walker, lift it up into the van or car trunk and open the door for me. Today's driver, who I had never met before,  didn't get out to help. It was a hard door to open, I opened the front passenger door (an elderly lady was sitting there) and I told him about the problem I was having. He said "Pull it!" and stayed sitting there. I got it open, folded my walker and threw it in. I got in and the door was as hard to close as it was to open. When I arrived at dialysis he said "OK, there you go", and still sat. I got out and said, in quite a rude tone, "You'll have to shut this door! Thank you!" and walked in, as he stayed in his seat.

When was the last time you ignored, or went against, someone’s advice?:

~ I really can't remember!

What happened?:

~ I can't remember!

How many different towns/cities have you lived in?:

~ Two, Dearborn Heights and Livonia, both in Michigan

When was the last time you had Nutella?:

~ That's been a couple years

Who is your favorite character in“The Big Bang Theory”?:

~ Sheldon Cooper, and Jim Parsons is PERFECT for that role!

What are your parents’ middle names?:

~ Anne and Vincent (that was my dad's middle name, his first was Charles, but he used his middle name as his main name and everybody called him Vince)

Name someone with a sexy sounding voice.:

~ Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, Eric Braedan

Are your eyes the same color as your sibling’s?:

~ Nope, mine are green, my sister and two brothers have brown, one brother has hazel

How many pets do you have? Would you like any more?:

~ At the moment, none. I would love to have another cat, some betta, hamster, and dog if I wasn't living in a condo)

Is there a song you can’t stop listening to atm?:

~ Nope

Is there a song that you’re fed up of hearing?:

~ No, I never really listen to the radio anymore, the songs I do listen to are my playlists on Spotify and I chose them all! I have a list of nearly 200 songs I listen to the most!

Did you have a strange or interesting dream last night?:

~ I can vaguely remember it, but I do remember thinking it was a good one

Name 3 things that are in your refrigerator atm.:

~ A turkey, pickles, yogurt

Which friend do you confide in most?:

~ My sister

What was your most recent reason for smiling?

~ This morning, as I was being driven into dialysis, three snowflakes hit my window, and I smiled thinking they just may be the last snowflakes I see for the season! Yay!!!

~~ Sunday Stealing


  1. What a rude driver! Must be terrible to be at the mercy of these guys.

    1. The good ones certainly make up for the not-as-good ones! I've met some fabulous drivers, I'm blessed when I have these!

  2. The last snowflakes. Very sweet.
    We both have some yogurt in the fridge.
    I'm glad to hear you have mostly great drivers. That other one should go back to delivering boxes.
    I like the actor, but Sheldon puts my hackles up. Lol

  3. I love Sheldon....he cracks me up!

    Sean Connery does have a very sexy voice.

  4. I hope those are the last snowflakes!

  5. I think you should report drivers like that. They are there to help, after all. I am very sorry you had that experience. It is bad enough to feel bad and then have to endure the rudeness of the world as well.